About Us

Commited to providing a safe daycare space for your child.

Better Than Home Agency is proudly licensed and recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

We ensure that the home daycare within our organization operate in accordance with the CCEYA (Child Care and Early Years Act).

Better Than Home Agency works continuously with childcare providers to achieve the right balance between quality care and the rigorous execution of provincial regulations. Our staff constantly monitor and check the homes of our Providers, making sure that the places parents leave their children follow provincial requirements and act according to any and all changes to regulations.

Happy baby playing with toy blocks in the kindergarten.


At Better Than Home, we believe that licensed and recognized home-based childcare centers provide the highest quality of attention, care, and education for the children in our communities.

Our agency has a unique, long lasting relationship between home care providers and families. Each member of our team is a professional committed to excellence in early childhood education; every day we work hard to build trust and confidence in our services with parents and home childcare providers. Better Than Home promotes a positive and nurturing environment for children and a reliable image for providers.

Better Than Home childcare organization strives to meet every child needs and to exceed parent’s expectations about home childcare. Above all, we want parents to be certain that they are leaving their children in the care of providers who care for their wellbeing.


Better Than Home’s team of home visitors and Registered Early Childhood Educators make it their mission to ensure the safety of the children cared for by our providers. Our home visitors ensure that the requirements of the CCEYA are met. This includes regulations regarding fire safety, food quality and safety, regulations on outdoor play, and development.

Our Registered Early Childhood Educators are professionally trained and experienced with childhood development and family support.  Our team supervises and advises caregivers on a regular basis, ensuring that a healthy and safe early learning environment has been created for the children in the care of our providers.


Better Than Home Agency helps home child care providers form a good standing among educators, enrich their knowledge of early childhood education practices, and develop individually tailored programs either by the children’s age group or their specific needs.

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