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When you decide to work with Better Than Home, you enter into a partnership with an organization that sees you as a complete person and a skilled profession. At Better Than Home, we understand that early childhood education in an essential service to the families in our communities. In order for children to receive the best possible care, we work to give our providers the support and resources they need to professionally thrive.

Kids in kindergarden playing with their teacher.They are hugging her to express their love.

What Better Than Home Offers:

  1. Support for new providers: help getting your home daycare off the ground, starting and growing your business
  2. Professional support: tax support, financial planning, advice on legal and insurance planning
  3. Professional development: workshops, seminars, and materials on pedagogy and early childhood development
  4. Certainty in pay: guaranteed referrals to ensure a consistent income
  5. Flexibility and independence: respect for the individual approaches and experience of all our providers
  6. Community of like-minded professionals: access to a skilled and engaged network of home daycare providers centred on improving quality of care
  7. Support from home visitors: monthly visits from our experienced RECE home visitors, who answer questions and provide ongoing professional and emotional support
  8. Equipment rentals: help in getting the tools you need to start your business (cots, high-chairs, educational equipment, etc.)

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